Behind The Veil - Going Green - Finding, Buying, and Selling gently used items for your BoHo Chic Wedding


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Going Green is all the rage. One use items are a thing of the past, including finding a previously owned wedding dress, backdrops, and other decor. We all know Etsy and Ebay but what about other sites. Once the wedding is done, where do you go to sell? Today's show is full of tips and insights plus a lot of laughter! Stay tuned past the commercial for After The Veil where you will get to see all the participant let their hair down a little.
Today's special guest is Jason Thrifts - the star of spike TV's Thrift Hunters and guest expert on Pawn Stars, to give you an inside look of wedding thrifting!
Host: Keith Willard - Owner of Keith Willard Events
Behind The Veil Crew:
Marci Guttenberg - An Affair To Remember by Marci
Brook Logan Stoner - Keith Willard Events
Nicole Sellers - CLE Events and Rentals
Special guest: Jason Thrifts - America's #1 Thrifter and star of the show Thrift Hunters on Spike TV
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