Behind The Veil: F.. This S.. Changing Burnout for Bliss


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We have all been there! Covid burnout!! So much so that we just want to say F... This Sh..! Either with moving forward with planning or dealing with the constant changes of dates and details.
This week we welcome a Behind The Veil favorite - Rachel Sheerin - who is going to help all of us (couples and vendors) deal with Covid Burnout and help us find our way back to joy and success!
Rachel Sheerin is an international keynote speaker and award-winning trainer who inspires audiences to sell more + be happy. As a high-performing catering executive turned sales coach, Rachel's sales strategies and team-first approaches resulted in higher profits + retention for 100% of her clients. As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Rachel believes that connecting with people and relationship building should be easy for everyone. Turning her profit focus and pairing it with personal development she shares her passion for living a joy-filled, successful life with audiences at conferences and annual summits.
Host: Keith Willard - Keith Willard Events
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Special Guest: Rachel Sheerin

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