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When is it the right time to hire an employee versus contract workers? Does a Business Plan have to be written? These questions and many more are answered on today's podcast, with special guest Michelle Loretta

With a degree in accounting, it seemed like Michelle had her career laid out for her when she began working in the corporate world at companies like Deloitte and Coach. It wasn’t until she started a stationery business in 2004 that she discovered what many already knew at the time: The events industry was chockful of incredibly talented creatives, but few had the business experience to truly understand the strategy behind running a sustainable company.

After spending a few years immersed in the industry, Michelle started a blog in 2009 aimed at educating fellow event professionals in the business of weddings. Be Sage Consulting quickly took off as it was one of the first B2B resources specifically tailored to creatives who wanted to become better entrepreneurs. Since then, her business has developed into a consultancy, and she now works one-on-one with event pros to adjust and redefine their business strategies. Be Sage Consulting also hosts an annual Be Sage Conference, which welcomes creative entrepreneurs from around the world for a weeklong mastermind on all things business.

Michelle was named one of the Top 1000 Event Professionals by BizBash Magazine in 2019. Her thought leadership has carried over to her professional speaking circuit, where she has been asked to speak at numerous national conferences including The Special Event, WeddingWire World, NACE Experience, POSH Retreat, ABC, and BizBash Live, as well as local chapter meetings for WIPA and ILEA. She is also a regular contributor to Wedding Business Magazine and has been featured on Planners Lounge, WeddingIQ, Aisle Planner, and countless other industry publications.
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