Behind The Veil: Covid Ettiquete - What you can or can't ask your guests, and vendors, to do


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In this episode we talk about the all intrusive subject of Covid. Invitations - what is appropriate to ask your guests and how do you get across a message of safety without overwhelming the romantic vibe. Is it appropriate to tell your guests that they must get vaccinated before the wedding? What obligations do you have before and after the wedding when it comes to finding out someone has tested positive?
We are all going through Covid burnout which is made worse by the ever-changing protocols that seemed to be based not only on your state and city, but what a particular venue will allow.
Host: Keith Willard
Behind The Veil Crew:
Marci Guttenberg - An Affair To Remember By Marci
Brooke Logan Stoner - Keith Willard Events
The host, Keith Willard, gives his very straightforward feelings regarding a couple of local venues - which remain nameless but should absolutely be called out for their inhuman request of their staff.

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