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EP 59: Hey there, welcome to behind the feed! I am Josie Bullard and today I have an exciting interview for you with two best friends turned business owners! In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, best friends and entrepreneurial spirits Kennedy Crichlow (Kenn) and Mary Ralph Lawson (Ralph), spotted a niche space in the ever-growing leisure industry. It was obvious to the duo that shoppers were getting more selective with their purchasing decisions and apparel with only one use-case no longer held appeal for savvy, sustainability-driven consumers who needed their closets to work harder. And so Daily Drills was born. Daily Drills is the new lifestyle destination for transitional pieces that effortlessly move you through every moment in style. Their Daily Drills logo, which sits fiercely on their signature pieces, has been the symbol of their mission: simplifying getting dressed and blurring the lines between workout-wear, lounge-wear, business-wear, and everything in between. This episode was so fun for me to record. You guys are in for a deep look behind the scenes of how these two started their business and how it rose to success. Let’s go ahead and jump in!


Daily Drills Website:

Daily Drills Instagram: @dailydrills

Kenn IG: @kennedycrichlow

Ralph IG: @maryralph



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