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Warren Buffett recommends buying companies with a great moat. Something that makes the company unique and protects the business from the competition. Patents are the best moats. Do you want to know why? Then listen to Gerda Redl.
Who is the speaker?
Dr. Gerda Redl is a patent attorney with more than 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry.

Her technical expertise is in biotechnology, biochemistry, and chemistry, including protein engineering, biologicals, small molecules, biomarkers, antibodies, alternative scaffolds, and libraries.

Before founding REDL Life Science Patent Attorneys, she held senior management positions in biotech, mid-size, and big pharma companies.
She graduated as a biochemist and received her Ph.D. in microbiology from the Technical University of Vienna.
Topics we discuss in this episode:
➡️ The Value of Patents

➡️ Fast Track Protection

➡️ Key Territories in a globalized World

➡️ Digitalization

➡️ Interdisciplinary Inventions
Youtube: https://youtu.be/mAFQeofSh7o
🕒 Timestamps:
(00:00) Kick-Off

(04:33) Patents are Assets

(06:40) Different Types of Patents and their Economic Value

(12:56) Product or Platform Technology Patents – Case Study mRNA Vaccines

(15:38) When is the Right Time to File Patents?

(18:55) In What Cases Are Patents not Necessary?

(20:06) Patents, Trademarks, and Know-How

(21:22) Patent Filing and Deal Structuring – What is The Right Sequence of Events?

(22:13) What Confidentiality Agreements can and cannot do

(23:55) What is the perfect patent solution?

(27:20) Time and Capital Needed for Filing and Maintaining Patents

(31:05) The Best Patent and Business Development Strategy for Scientific Founders

(34:00) What territories should be protected?

(43:04) What effects have restrictive patent laws on motivating entrepreneurs to turn scientific inventions into products?

(45:15) How Patents Drive Investment Processes

(47:30) How to Overcome Patent Hurdles when third parties don’t want to commercialize their patents.

(52:45) Possibilities of Speeding Up Patent Processes

(58:29) China – The Innovation Leader of the World

(01:00:41) The FTO Jungle

(01:01:35) Acceleration of Patent Processes

(01:02:00) Digitalization of Patent Processes

(01:05:00) AI-based translations of Patents

(01:09:00) Unitary Patents in Europe

(01:17:45) The Convergence of Technologies and Patents

(01:23:31) What is First: Product Concept or Patent?

(01:25:00) First Step Towards Filing the First Patent Application

(01:27:35) It is About the People…

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