#76: Rich Masters - How the Pandemic Changed the Conference Industry - Bio US 2022 in San Diego


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How Did the Conference Industry Change in the last two years?
Philadelphia in 2019 was the last Bio I attended in person. In March 2020, the world shut down to respond to the novel viral threat. Since then, all conferences have been digital.

What effect did this have on the conference Industry – especially the Bio US? Listen to Rich Masters, Chief Public Affairs and Marketing Officer of Bio.
As EVP for Public Affairs, Rich Masters leads integrated communications, branding, and marketing strategy for the organization, including overseeing the policy communications that support the advocacy goals across each of BIO’s sections.
What are the topics we discuss in this episode?

  • What are Bio and the Bio US 2022?
  • How Did the Conference Industry Respond to the Lockdowns?
  • The Availability of Capital for Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship in the United States and
  • What’s New at the Bio US 2022

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🕒 Timestamps:
(00:00) Intro
(01:36) Who is Rich Masters
(02:54) What is Bio?
(03:30) Opening
(04:30) How is The Situation in the United States with the Pandemic These Days?
(05:40) How did the Pharma Industry Respond to the Global Viral Threat?
(06:00) How did BIO Help Solve the Biggest Healthcare Challenge in the last 2 years?
(08:33) What Is Biotechnology Innovation Organisation (BIO)? It is not only the Bio US.
(12:10) How is the Availability of Capital for Biotechnology Product Development in the United States?
(14:20) What Are The Bio Business Solutions and how does it help SMEs?
(15:43) Is a BIO Membership for US Companies Only, Or is it Open for European and Asian Companies?
(17:40) Entrepreneurship in the United States for Bio Product Development
(18:24) Where are the Bio Hotspots in the US?
(19:15) The Different Sides of BIO
(20:15) Big Trends in Bio in 2022
(26:20) What A Convention Model Looks Like in a Post Pandemic World
(31:35) Taking the Best of Two Worlds - New On-Demand Service – All Panel Discussions, Presentations, and Speeches in One Digital Space
(33:35) Bio Impact in Omaha, Nebraska
(36:05) Are Digital Conferences a Replacement for Real-Life Versions?

Add on Services at the Bio:
(40:00) The Midway Experience in San Diego
(41:00) I am Bio
(42:05) Bio US Podcast – I am Bio
(42:30) Good Day Bio
(42:45) Bio.News
(44:25) Challenges for Conference Organizers that Came with March 2020
(41:30) How Bio Helps their Members to Overcome Challenges Ahead Especially the SMEs
(55:35) Side Events at The Bio to Meet and Mingle with the Industry
(58:25) Limitless - Rich Masters – See You on J

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