E297: Textile Brewing Co.


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If you brew it, will they drink?

Textile Brewing is just a few miles from the Field of Dreams. My clever mind thought of the "if you brew it" line as soon as I heard this fact. Of course, it's the same line that everyone thinks of. Great minds, right?

I managed to hold off for most of the show on making the "joke," but it is a fun fact about the brewery. Another fun fact, founder Tom Olberding had no brewing experience when he decided he was going to open a brewery. To compliment his skills he hired Nick Ashton as his assistant brewer, who also had no brewing experience.

Lack of experience aside, Textile is offering up some really tasty beers. We sampled a Blonde Ale, Vienna Lager, IPA, and a coffee-pumpkin ale and all were damn good. Cheers to the new guys.

If you find yourself in Dyersville, IA stop in and find out for yourself. We hear their beer pairs great with a Canadian bacon and sauerkraut pizza.

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