E307: Sweet Tea and Dragons with Fire Maker Brewing


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The crew from Atlanta’s Fire Maker Brewing Co. joins us in the studio this week to talk sweet tea, dragons, winning awards, and beer laws,

Brewery founder Elliott Hall has worked across all three tiers of beer - wholesale, retail, and now as a brewery owner. This experience gives him unique insight into what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive craft beer landscape. As Vice President of the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild Elliott is working to improve the laws for Georgia’s craft brewers and bring the brewing community closer together.

Marketing Director Rachel Bramer makes sure the brewery has a solid identity that people can connect with and shares the latest on Fire Maker via interesting videos and social media. The team’s efforts won them a Craft Beer Marketing Awards, known as a “Crushie”, in 2021 for their can artwork of their core beers.

Head Brewer Kevin Wright brings experience from a large corporate brewery as well as well-known breweries in Chicago and some island brewing in Hawaii. He keeps a careful eye on beer trends and makes sure Fire Maker’s fans enjoy every drop that they brew.

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1. Beer Guys Radio / Dickey Broadcasting Partners (00:02:02)

2. Valentine’s Day Beers (00:03:32)

3. Beers of the Week (00:06:28)

4. Craft Beer News (00:07:22)

5. Roasted and Toasted Coffee Brown Ale (00:12:00)

6. Fire Maker Backstory (00:15:06)

7. Homebrewing with Dad in the 90s (00:17:54)

8. Historic Brewing with Ron Pattison (00:19:18)

9. A Song of Ladders and Fire Collaboration Brew (00:21:50)

10. Fire Maker wins #2 Best New Brewery from USA T (00:23:18)

11. Fire Maker Expansion and new Beer Garden (00:29:32)

12. Chattahooch-Tea Southeastern IPA (00:32:42)

13. Craft Beer Guilds and Beer Laws (00:35:24)

14. Fire Maker Grandiversary and Georgia Craft (00:40:24)

15. Sky Lizard Aerial Beer Distribution (00:41:56)

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