E304: Primitive Beer and Spontaneous Brewing


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Who's ready for some hot, flat beer?

For most breweries a review saying a beer was "hot and flat" would be an insult. Not so much for Primitive Beer. If you attended their recent Hot Bierfest in Colorado then you had a choice of a few beers to try, with one being flat ("still" sounds better, let's go with that) and... hot. Glühbier, literally "mulled beer", is served like a mulled wine or cider. Warmed with cinnamon, honey, and spices If you're not feeling spicy then maybe go for a mug of beer you take out by the fire and have a red hot poker plunged in it. You want unique beer? You got it.

Brandon and Lisa Boldt aren't all about hot beer. Their "beer blendery" offers a great variety of spontaneously fermented brews. Some aged in spirit barrels or blended with fruit, and even some served still in a bag-in-box container. Even if some of their methods aren't trendy with the masses they know a thing or two about great beer. We're big fans after sampling their Circular Logic, Willfully Obtuse (still/uncarbonated), and Back in Vogue.

Primitive Beer practices spontaneous fermentation for all of their beers. The results are somewhat unpredictable, although you can increase the chance of success with a bit of knowledge and practice. The real magic comes in the blending where they can create the exact profiles they are looking for. You won't find a hazy IPA or pastry stout from Primitive Beer, but if you're looking for some unique and complex beers they've got you covered.

Primitive Beer 2025 Ionosphere St. Longmont, CO 80504 primitive.beer

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