E316: For the love of Little Beer (Fest)


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All the cool kids are drinking Little Beers

Braving the snowy (yes, snowy) April weather in Georgia, 100s of beer lovers gathered in Duluth, GA recently to celebrated their love of low ABV beers. Little Beer Fest II brought brewers together from across the country for this invitation-only event. Brewers shared their best beers under (or close to it) 4.0%. Lots of lagers, some sessionable IPAs and other hoppy ales, some mixed fermentation brews, and even some small stouts and porters were poured at the event.

Wrapped in our hoodies and holding down our tent we managed to chat with of the brewers in attendance, plus some of the crew from The Atlanta Podcast featuring Myron Green and Christian Andrews. TAP covers events in and around Atlanta while enjoy local beer. Give 'em a listen. Next up is Nashville's Barrique Brewing and Blending where we talk with Spencer Longhurst about mixed fermentation beers and 2nd use hops. Chris Tropeano and Jon Eberhart from Charlotte's Resident Culture Brewing join to talk about experimental hops, the Charlotte beer scene, and the great Cold IPA debate. Rounding out the show we talk with Wren House Brewing Co. out of Phoenix, AZ with Mason and Kyle about lager production, Phoenix breweries, and crisp vs. crispy beers.

Cheers to Good Word Brewing and Public House and the City of Duluth

Huge thanks to the crew from Good Word Brewing and the City of Duluth. As you'll hear in the show, everyone that's been to Good Word has nothing but praise for the food, beer, and people. If you get the chance to visit you don't want to miss it. Cities are getting better about embracing beer, and the city of Duluth is fully on board. Cheers to them for their support of this event.

If you missed the first fests, go ahead and mark your calendars for Little Beer III. Good Word has already announced April 15, 2023 for the next party.

The Beer List

  • Bold Monk Brewing Chant Lager
  • Barrique Brewing and Blending Petite Afternoon Saison
  • Resident Culture Aren't We All Pilsner
  • Wren House Můstek Czech Pilsner

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1. Welcome The Atlanta Podcast (00:01:19)

2. Anticipated Fest Breweries (00:03:53)

3. Visit Atlanta and Good Word Brewing (00:05:31)

4. Hot Beers / Gluehkriek (00:08:28)

5. Barrique Brewing and Blending (00:12:04)

6. Frandalls and Fermenter Presses (00:13:28)

7. Barrel-Aged Lagers (00:16:41)

8. Resident Culture Brewing (00:23:02)

9. Experimental Hop Adeena / ADHA 1940 (00:23:28)

10. The Cold IPA Debate (00:27:57)

11. Wren House Brewing (00:33:53)

12. Phoneix Beer Scene & Revitilization (00:36:00)

13. The Crispy Controversy (00:38:43)

14. Favorite Festival Beers (00:42:25)

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