E303: American Craft Sake with Setting Sun Sake


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American craft sake is creeping on a come up

This isn't the first time we've talked about sake on the show, but it is the first time we've talked to a sake brewer. Josh Hembree of Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co. is one of a small handful of American craft sake brewers. A few short years ago there were only 5ish in the states but that number has grown to over 20.

Although sake is usually referred to as a rice wine the brewing process is more closely related to beer. Hembree tells us about the different types of sake, the differences in brewing beer and sake, what Americans get wrong about sake, and how American brewers put their own, beautiful spin on the process. We also talk about good pairing and get some tips on how to pair outside of the typical sushi and other Asian cuisine.

Kanpai! Sampling sake

The traditional Japanese toast is Kanpai! Which, literally translated is "dry sake cup." More than likely the translation would be approximately "drink your cup dry." OK, if you insist. We sample a few sakes (including one American brewed version) and give our 100% uneducated opinions on each one.

The Sake List

  • Kiku-Masamune Junmai Taru Sake
  • We Sake (Junmai Ginjo)
  • Sake One Joy (Junmai Ginjo Genshu)
  • Choya Umeshu (Japanese plum wine, which we thought was sake when we bought it.)

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