E320: Kros Strain Brewing Co.


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Kros Strain Brewing Co. shows us what's happening in Nebraska beer

We met the crew from Kros Strain Brewing Co. when they visited Atlanta for The Juice Strikes Back festival in 2019. This invitational beer fest brought some amazing beers to Georgia and introduce a lot of new breweries to the Peach State. We chatted at the time about getting together for a show and it's only taken us three years to make it happen. Better late than never.

Co-founder Bobby Kros and Head Beer Pusher Jeff Hardy sat down with us this week to share a few beers and tell us about their brewery. As we sip their Fairy Nectar (the #1 IPA in Nebraska) I get chastised for mentioning loose meat sandwiches. Hardy tells me that's an Iowa thing and I better recognize the Runza. Where I grew up in the little town of Norfolk, NE we had the loose meat sandwich. Perhaps we were infiltrated, indoctrinated by those dirty Iowans. My life is a lie, my lesson was learned, it won't happen again.

Kros Strain joins us this week hot off a World Beer Cup medal win for Saison 635 in the Brett Beer cateogry. We learn about the beer, talk about Brett, bringing back saison, and the "big barrels" that are foeders and what happens with the ones at Kros Strain. We talk about beer in green bottles and the joys of intentionally skunking your funky saisons, micheladas and more lager talk. Why they're popular and what American brewers might do with these classic styles over time.

Wrapping up we sample the to-be-released "Barrelywine", a Barleywine from a forgotten barrel and talk all things "wine" beers - Wheatwine, Barleywine, Munichwine, and even Hopwine.

The Beer List

  • Kros Strain Brewing Co.
    • Krossteiner (Czech-style Pilsner)
    • Fairy Nectar (Hazy IPA)
    • Web of Lies (Hazy DIPA)
    • Barrel Concepts Mixed Fermentation Sour
    • Barrel Concepts Foeder-Aged Golden Sour
    • And a few more...

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1. Nebraska's #1 IPA (00:01:40)

2. Loose Meat Sandwiches vs Runza (00:02:57)

3. Medal Winning Saisons and Brett Beers (00:04:29)

4. Beers of the Week (00:07:02)

5. News: No Gold for Allagash White (00:08:07)

6. Foeders and Soleras (00:11:53)

7. Green Bottles and Loving Lightstruck (00:15:03)

8. Kros Strain Expansion (00:20:02)

9. Why are lagers hot again (00:22:51)

10. American Brewers and Lagers (00:28:06)

11. Micheladas and BA Hot Sauce (00:33:20)

12. #2 drinks #1 - Sampling Up (00:38:10)

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