162: Free the Robots


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Another veteran of the Low End Theory days, this week Free the Robots comes on just a few days after the release of his newest album 'Kaduwa'. When the pandemic hit during a trip to his ancestral home in the Philippines, Free The Robots found himself stuck on the island. The artist took the time as a creative opportunity and produced this said album which is representative of the country and its nature which offered him refuge during the pandemic. Needless to say he has found peace, his true self, and successfully navigated the geography of his happiness and within the tales he tells, I incorporate all the elements of jazz, psych, electronic, and hip-hop that you know and love from him. Visit the website: https://www.bedroombeethovens.com/ Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bedroombeethovens

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