138: Ill Poetic


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"As Serious As Your Life" is the newest body of work of Ill Poetic. After over 15 years of boundary-pushing production work, Timothy "Ill Poetic" Gmeiner has developed a wide spectrum of creative processes to express a range of thoughtful and honest work. We chat about his life and times in music which include his latest, where we see Ill Po use as versatile a palette as ever to articulate these deeper nuances in a record that reflects explorations of hip-hop, jazz, fusion, 70s electronic music and film scores. Every moment of this record defies genre in order to live solely for its purpose. Enjoy the chat. Visit the website: https://www.bedroombeethovens.com/ Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bedroombeethovens

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