Miscarriage, Divorce, & Hysterectomy, Running And How YOU Can Help Women Who Miscarry - S6 E38


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Today I was featured on Your Runner Dad’s blog: https://doulainreno.com/miscarriage-divorce-hysterectomy-how-running-got-me-through/

I decided it was a great launch to discuss:

  • My miscarriages
  • My hysterectomy
  • How running helped
  • My daughter's miscarriage and how much I learned from it
  • Emily’s business and how Olivia’s miscarriage taught her and me to better serve women, and that it changed her business
  • Getting the word out to hospitals
  • Encouraging you to find out-of-the-box ways to deal with grief and loss

Be sure to leave me a comment sharing your experience with loss and how you overcame it.

Grief survival guide: https://doulainreno.com/grief-survival-guide/

Bereavement resources: https://doulainreno.com/bereavement-resources/

Olivia’s miscarriage episode: https://youtu.be/WW4bvqg-86s

Emily’s episode includes Olivia’s loss, how it changed her business, and cremating first-trimester miscarriages. https://youtu.be/-OZ2X-9lFkE


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