Trust Yourself with Artist/Producer Stephanie Carlin


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In a world where most people are unconsciously running from who they truly are, Stephanie Carlin is a breath of fresh air and a beacon of truth.

The journey of Being the Wolf requires honoring your truth first and foremost. And when you do that, then you can affect the world in the ways you were born to.

As a young artist, Stephanie was on her way to getting signed to her favorite record label - until the whole thing fell apart. She stopped playing music and played it safe.

Fast forward to now… she presides over a multi-dimensional platform as a producer, record label founder, and performing artist.

She founded Truth School in 2019 to help industry trailblazers trust themselves, reclaim their Truth, and generate abundant self-sufficiency.

Join me for an amazing conversation about Stephanie’s journey, and what it really takes to trust yourself and be who you were born to be.

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