Self-Sabotaging Sagas: Thinking OutsideYour Box with David Everitt-Carlson


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The mind loves a problem, and even more than that, it loves the dopamine rush that comes from solving a problem.

Many people walk in circles in their little box while trying to solve a problem.

You can recognize these people because they constantly complain about the same things—Is that you?

They keep walking around in their box, digging themselves deeper and deeper.

We all go through times of feeling stuck in a rut. It’s frustrating and feels like you’re banging your head against the wall.

Why do some people have an easier time than others getting out of these stagnant places. What is different about them?

It comes down to IMAGINATION and action. If you have a problem, you can’t keep doing what you are doing and expect to solve it. You need to step outside of the box that created the problem.

You do this by using your imagination. Do you remember what it was like to dream up a fantasy world? Yes! Flex those muscles.

This is where most people drop the ball. It’s because they keep their thinking and imagination is boxed in by the limitations of past experiences and beliefs.

They prejudge and dismiss their ideas a stupid and impossible before they even get them out of their head.

Think outside your box!

If you could solve the problem in the box, it wouldn’t still be a problem would it?

Join me and David Everitt-Carlson as we discuss Thinking Outside the Box on Self-Sabotaging Sagas.

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