Self-Sabotaging Sagas: The Trauma-Body Connection with Holistic Trauma Counselor Tamara Jefferies


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Have you been through an intense negative event? Has your life never been quite the same since?

Or maybe you have one incident that keeps playing over and over in your head. Every time you think about it the emotions rise up and it’s like you’re right there. You can’t seem to escape it.

Like many others, I have suffered from trauma. Sometimes I replayed the event multiple times, and sometimes, I stuffed it down, doing everything in my power to pretend it never happened.

But in the dark of the night, or if I slowed down long enough, the replay would creep back into my mind causing me to relive the events.

As the years went by, I unconsciously contorted my actions and emotions to ensure the thoughts stayed out and the events would never happen again. Drink more, keep busy, go go go.

I became more and more controlling, less and less connected, and ultimately very unhappy.

Neurobiologists have proven that the mind and the body are 100% connected. Your experiences and your thoughts 100% affect every cell in your body. Therefore trauma affects both your body and mind.

Detaching my consciousness through alcohol and workaholism added more stress to my traumatized body.

Freedom came when I cleared the emotional effects of my past out from both my body and my mind.

Yes, freedom is possible!

Please join me and Holistic Trauma Counselor, Tamara Jefferies as we dig into The Trauma-Body Connection.

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Tamara Jefferies, MA, of Grow & Thrive Wellness is a Holistic Trauma Counselor, Transformational Coach, International Yoga Teacher, and Author who helps spiritual women heal trauma and transform their lives. In addition to her 1:1 Soul-Healing Counseling/Coaching sessions, she also expertly guides women in her Sister Sircles, online, Group Counseling 12-month program.



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