Self-Sabotaging Sagas: Self Worth and Being Single with Shani Silver


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I say celebrate your singleness!

But Genea, you say…

I am supposed to have a partner.

If I have a partner my family will get off my back.

I’m lonely and want to be with someone

It means I’m not good enough if nobody wants to be with me,

Yes, these are the stories you tell yourself, and NOT ONE of them is a good reason to get involved with the wrong person!

These reasons will cause you to settle, contort, and do all kinds of things in relationship that go against your highest self.

In single-hood we get the chance to really know ourself, the chance to step into who we are meant to me. And when we truly value ourself, then we are ready to step in and be a part of the great relationship we truly desire.

Step back, you don’t HAVE to be in partnership to be validated.

When you love yourself—TRULY, the outside validation that fills your emptiness now, won’t matter.

It is in this place of loving ourself that we hold our boundaries and put ourself first in relationship. When we do this we honor the best in ourselves, AND we honor the best in our partners.

We show them how to treat us by how we treat ourself.

This is important.

Being single is awesome. There are no rules. You are free to do what you want.

A great relationship is similar in that you still get to be fully YOU.

And if you don’t know how to be you in the first place, how will you able to maintain yourself in a relationship?

Build your internal foundation and frame first, then get yourself some equally powerful and independent arm candy.

And when you REALLY know your worth, not only is it easy to say no to the creeps, but you are way more likely to attract the kind of person you REALLY want.

I am so excited to have Shani Silver, the host of The Single Serving podcast on this episode of Self-Sabotaging Sagas. She wants to change the narrative around being single. She says, “Relationships are amazing and we deserve to have them. We just don’t deserve to be miserable in the meantime.”

Join us Tuesday , July 26th at 4pm EDT.

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