Self-Sabotaging Sagas: Healing and Forgiveness Through Storytelling with Storytelling Mentor, Actor and Coach Brenda Adelman


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The stories and secrets you hold deep inside have a way eating you from the inside out. You might be thinking, I could never tell my story to the world. Maybe you are holding shame, anger, resentment, or sadness as a result of past events in your life. I need you to know, there is a way out.

It has been said that forgiveness will set you free, but sometimes the content of your life or what others have done seems unforgivable. Perhaps you tried, maybe even said the words, “I forgive you out loud,” but you know deep down those feelings are still there.

So how do you get rid of those emotions and come to forgiveness? How do you REALLY set yourself free?

Join myself and Storytelling Mentor, Speaker, Trainer, Actor, and Coach, Brenda Adelman, as we discuss healing and forgiveness through storytelling. Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7pm EST (4pm PST).

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