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The first time I realized that the brain can change was after an eye infection created a hole in my cornea 4 mm wide.

At the worst of it, I though I would lose sight in my dominant, right eye. I feared losing the freedom of driving and I worried how it would affect my photography (I used my right eye to shoot).

Luckily the hole healed affecting my only vision minimally.

By the time the infection healed my brain made me left eye dominant.

The first time I picked up a camera I naturally put the view finder right up to my LEFT eye. I was shocked!

Over the next few months I could feel my brain changing and rewiring. My handwriting even changed!

This experience sparked my interest in the plasticity of the brain.

Until the 1970s, neuroscientists believed that the brain was fixed through adulthood, but now we know better.

Today we know it is possible to rewire habits, behaviors, trauma.

We can even create major shifts in conditions such as Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and dyslexia brought on by neuro-developmental delay.

I specialize in rewiring behaviors, habits and trauma, and my guest this week, Sue Cook, specializes in neurodevelopment conditions. Join us for a conversation about changing your brain.

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