Join Me On A 30-Day Self-Gratitude Challenge!!


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Starting THIS Thursday, we’re going to offer a 30-Day Self-Gratitude Challenge!

The way it works is you’ll listen to the SMALL SHIFTS episode on Thursday and then every Friday you’ll get the companion Self-Gratitude Exercise that you can download…for FREE directly to your inbox.

AND if join the BE BOLD BEGIN FACEBOOK GROUP community that we’ve created you’ll get added support from me and each other as we go through the practice.

The idea here is that it is a practice that is supported with gentle tools and guidance to awaken parts of yourself that needs nurturing and love and self-care. And that is what gratitude does for us. It’s such a wonderful tool that can be incorporated in really simple but impactful ways to our daily lives. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of space or time but can happen really simply and really easily and I want to share that with you and show you how.

The steps to join are:

  1. Go to to join the 30 day-Self-Gratitude Challenge
  2. Verify your email address to get access to your FREE BONUS Download "Working With Fear & Imposter Syndrome"
  3. Make sure you’re subscribed or following Be Bold Begin on your favorite podcast app on your device to get your episodes automatically downloaded every Thursday
  4. Once you sign up at, you'll get your weekly exercise on Friday directly to your inbox for download
  5. And lastly, join the Be Bold Begin Facebook Group for our Wednesday community

Looking forward to our next 30 days together!!

Be Bold & Happy Creating :)

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