How A Female-Lead Ad Agency Made More Space For Women's Voices with Allyson Marino, Founder of Lipstick & Vinyl Episode 57


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My guest today has been on this podcasting Industry journey with me practically since the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur but she shares with us just how invested she was in what podcasters have to say and helping them keep it all going through ad sales and creating monetization opportunities for them long before she ever started her company Lipstick and Vinyl. A female-forward podcast ad agency whose motto reads “We live to give voice to the underrepresented. We see a future of media that is a true reflection of people who live in our society. Through podcasting we amplify new voices. People like people who sound like them.”

The authentic telling of her journey is riddled with lessons and takeaways if you’re interested in starting anything, are ready to be bold and take the leap or if you just want to know what it’s like to be a woman in the sales industry, how to venture out on your own and what it’s like to be a part of a new media.

Plus this episode is releasing the same date that I met Allyson in 2018 exactly three years ago. Happy Pod-iversary to us and cheers to our intuitive journeys (because this release date was not planned!)

Twitter: @AllysonSS

Instagram: @allyson__marino or @_lipstickandvinyl_


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