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We have curated a special bonus season for you that will release weekly during our usual Tuesday release that is a bit of a throwback from Season One.

Because if you’re like me then you might be spending this time exploring what you’d like to create next and finding inspiration.

So we have a BEGIN SERIES that focuses on all the things you need to get started. How to create small steps, how to get out of your own way and make starting easy, an exercise to discover your core values, how to connect to your intuition to make creative decisions well, how to make it all fun and acknowledge your process along the way and so much more! And you may notice that when this series was recorded back during Season One, I was just beginning. So the sound quality is a little different and even my voice sounds different than it does now when I speak. This is a bonus meta glimpse into my growth process from then to now as well.

We hope you enjoy this fun BEGIN SERIES taken from the Be Bold Begin Vault and use it to fuel your next project. Especially if it’s creating a podcast!

Everyone at Be Bold Begin and my team at Avant Haüs Media wish you an amazing holiday season filled with gratitude, creativity and kindness.

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Be bold and keep creating!

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