Finding Your Fire & Planning Your Podcast Launch with Rob Greenlee, VP of Content & partnerships at Libsyn Episode 75


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If you are podcast-curious or have a message on your heart and podcasting is COMPLETELY calling your name then this one’s for you. Our guest, the VP of Content & Partnerships at the popular podcast hosting platform Libsyn, and Podcast Hall of Famer, Rob Greenlee shares the importance of creating from a place of FIRE while also designing a plan that will allow you to keep going and avoid the dreaded “podfade”. Here are few highlights of what you need to know BEFORE you begin your podcast:

  1. Connect to your WHY
  2. Make sure you LOVE your topic (so others can love it too)
  3. Create SEO keywords to mirror what your ideal listener would search for
  4. Get a microphone, editing software & choose your hosting platform (like Libsyn)
  5. Organize & plan your content + artwork
  6. Create a trailer first & plan your launch

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