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If you want real talk about how to perform better in all facets of your life without fluffy excuses and generalisations, the Basha Effect Podcast is for you. It’s raw. It’s real. And it might hurt you a little bit. But without pain, there is no gain!

My name is Izhar Basha and I am your host. Welcome to Episode 1 of the Basha Effect. In this episode, I introduce myself with a little background story of my journey so far, and all the wealth of knowledge and experience I have amassed through my travels, interactions and business dealings.

The Basha Effect is a “pun” (play on words) relating to the Butterfly Effect. The premise and underlying message of each episode is that we need to be aware that our actions in our little world or microcosm can extend out and have an impact in places and areas that we have no idea about. We need to be mindful of all our actions and ensure that we apply excellence and continuous and never-ending improvement so that we can bring about positive outcomes and growth - a concept I call “perpetual positivity”

Enjoy, and thank you for listening. I’m doing this for you.

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