Episode 3 - Sacrifice in hindsight - Ft; Jaco DeBruyn


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Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Basha Effect. My name is Izhar Basha and I am your host. In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing and hanging out with Jaco De Bruyn (IG: @jacodbruyn) all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jaco is a prolific icon in the global fitness industry, and was awarded the title of “Most Influential Global Fitness Male” by BodyPower UK. Jaco is a WBFF Pro, and a social media savage. His images and workout videos have been going viral on Instagram and Facebook for the past 5 years, yet he is the most humble person you could ever meet.

In this episode of the Basha Effect, Jaco and I discuss all the sacrifices we have made to achieve our desired outcomes, our families and our amazing wives, and the responsibilities that come with being a role models in our communities. If you want to know about some of the key attributes to a happy relationship and succeeding in your work at the same time, this episode is a must for you.

Enjoy, and thank you for listening. I’m doing this for you.

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