Episode 2 - Success comes from understanding the past - Ft; Max Philisaire


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Welcome to Episode 2 of the Basha Effect, in which I have the pleasure of catching up with my close friend, brother and founding EHPlabs Athlete, Max Philisaire (IG: @maxthebody). We get very deep in this episode, so be ready for some powerful messages about how to overcome adversity and battle against the odds to triumph. My name is Izhar Basha and I am your host.

Max Philisaire hails from Haiti, and migrated to the United States when Max was in junior high school. Max’s strict, religious and pious upbringing and his time served with the US Army have armed Max with the mental tools to focus, plan and execute on all his goals. Max is a Hollywood Celebrity Personal Trainer, movie producer and director and global fitness icon. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, check out his IG and you’ve soon realise that you’ve seen his amazing physique anywhere related to fitness.

If you want some serious inspiration and motivation, be sure to tune in to Episode 2 of the Basha Effect, with Max Philisaire.

Enjoy, and thank you for listening. I’m doing this for you.

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