Episode 92: Thoughts, Feelings, and Observations to Help Meet Your Goals


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The therapist my husband and I saw for several years when we started our journeys toward living an overall healthy lifestyle said to us over and over and over, “You always have the right to share your thoughts, your feelings and your observations.” It took us some time to learn to do so in a healthy way. For a long while, we found a way to somehow point the finger at one another, engage in unhealthy “you” statements instead of the much wiser “I” statements, and continue to engage in anything but healthy, assertive communication. Fortunately, for us, and for you, learning healthy communication skills will improve all of your relationships – most especially, the relationship you have with yourself! As your relationship with yourself improves, so will your relationship with food. And that means living at a healthier weight for the rest of your life! Listen in and learn more!

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