Emotional Peace of IBC®, IUL, MEC limit, & Becoming a Practitioner (BWL Q&A #25)


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The Q&A series is designed to help you become more knowledgeable in the Infinite Banking Concept®. Email us at James@bankingwithlife.com if you have a question you'd like answered in the series!

Today's Questions:

0:20 - The emotional peace provided by IBC®

5:24 - Blended policy disagreement response

17:20 - How can I become a practitioner?

18:10 - Why IBC® must avoid IUL

23:03 - Tax question concerning return of premium

25:37 - Are annuities better than whole life?

26:13 - How to increase coverage without insurable interest

26:56 - MEC limit question

29:19 - Seminar information for those over 70 years old

30:24 - Loan interest calculation question

33:05 - Why use a rhetorical question as an answer?


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