How To Rock Your Own Personal Style with Confidence, Like Before You Had Kids (Mommy Image)


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Confidence. Some moms have it, a lot of us don’t. And then what about style? What does “style” really even mean, and do we all possess it? Does it even matter?

For our first episode in the “Mommy Image” series, we break down insecurities, questions, and judgments about the outward way we carry ourselves in the world. We interview mom of two and personal stylist Heather Hope, we review a BOM Report, and we have a raw and vulnerable talk together about our own style and confidence issues.

From where we shop, to WHY we shop, to comments and reflections from real moms just like you about what makes them feel confident, this show is a fun and uplifting look at honoring your own unique qualities that give you your own (yes) style.

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What we explore:

  • A “Mommy Image” BOM Report taken from our live Denver audience (6:40)
  • Moms share what makes them feel confident and how they’re able to love who they are, no matter what (15:24)
  • Tracey interviews House of Colour stylist Heather Hope about honoring your own personal style, plus some tips on how to get the right clothes (18:15)
  • Shay and Tracey get honest about their own insecurities, their own confusion about personal style, and ugly shoes (37:03)


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