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Psalm 45


Creation to Salvation by Drakeford

Ghost Ship: The Good King


Verse 1

He takes our place and stands in front of God on high

He speaks on our behalf since we don’t have the right

He pleads before the God who judges hearts of men

Our mediator served the sentence for our sin

Chorus 1

There is only one God / There is only one mediator

Standing between God and man / He’s the only way to salvation

Verse 2

He found the captives, broke the bondage of our chains

We have redemption through the price that he has paid

He gave his life to purchase freedom from the fall

Our mediator was the ransom for us all


The man Jesus Christ / Who gave us his life

The man Jesus Christ / The last sacrifice

The Eternal Son (he was, he is, he is to come)

Messiah has come (he was, he is, he is to come)

The true Son Of Man (he was, he is now on his throne)

The Atonement Lamb


Verse 1:

I asked God, what have you done / Everything I love is gone

Why must I endure this pain / Won’t you come and save me

Tell me are you listening / Do you hear my shouted pleas

Will you answer me this day / Won’t you come and save me


I was answered by my Lord / Can you bind Orion’s form / Or guide his path

I looked up and answered no / But you can so I will hope / In your strong hands


The hands that hold the stars above / Will never let me go

The One who holds the heavens up / In him I put my hope

Yet who am I that you should love / And bind in your embrace

What God is this who holds the stars / And guides me in his grace

Verse 2:

I look at the deep dark sky / Mighty throne of the Most High

I’m aware of my true place / Won’t you come and save me

Still I know that you are near / Speaking comfort in my ear

God I long to see your face / Won’t you come and save me


You bind me to your ways / And guide me in your grace

You never let me go / The grip of God will hold

Jude Doxology – CAM HUXFORD IV

Verse 1:

Remember, Jesus brought you out of Egypt / Remember, he has sought you as his people

Remember, he has saved you from your sin / Remember, remember him

Verse 2:

Remember, Jesus brought you through the Red Sea / Remember, mighty miracles that you have seen

Remember, you were slaves and now are free / Remember that He is King


To the only God, our savior Jesus Christ / Be glory, honor, power and dominion

Before all time, and now and ever more

Verse 3:

Remember, Jesus reigns above the heavens / He’s coming, he is coming with his Kingdom

Do not forget, he is seated on the throne / Remember, what he has done



The blind won’t gain their sight by opening their eyes

Verse 1:

A king is coming to this city / And crowds around are following

If I could see, I would follow too

He heals the sick with his hands / As he walks by, they reach for him

If I could see, I would reach out too


The blind won’t gain their sight by opening their eyes


Son Of David, have mercy on me / Son Of David, have mercy on me

Son Of David, I want to see / Son Of David, have mercy

Verse 2:

I cannot leave this gate / Since I cannot see my way

But I can stand and call his name

No I could never leave this gate / But I will stand and shout his name

And I will count on his grace


I was blind. Now I see. Jesus saved me.


Cf: Just the Way God Wanted Us to Be

Verse 1:

This is the word, the gospel truth In which we stand

The perfect life, the saving death of just one man


Oh oh, look what God has done / Oh oh, through his son


Christ died for our sins, / Met death in his grave,

Then rose to life again; / By this we are saved / By this we are saved

Verse 2:

So Jesus’ death has conquered death And killed our sin

And Jesus’ life, has brought us life We live in him


This is good news, / The Father shows us grace

This is the truth / The Spirit gives us faith

Jesus is King / And by this we are saved


By this we are saved

Behold the Lamb of God – CAM HUXFORD IV

Verse 1:

I’ve heard of you, how you hung the stars / Though you hold all things, your hands are scarred

I’ve heard of you, how you laid the earth / But you spilled your blood into this dirt


I’ve heard so many things, but now I see


Behold the Lamb Of God, who takes away our sin / Behold the Lamb Of God, now fix your eyes on him

Verse 2:

I’ve heard of you, how you set forth time / But you walked with us, you lived and died

I’ve heard of you, how you sent a flood / But you washed us clean, with your own blood


The God who’s over us; he is here now with us

The God who reigns above; he is the God who loves

The God who is our judge; is he who pleads for us

The God who who gave us life; He is the God who died

Verse 3:

I’ve heard of you, how you made the earth / But you drug your cross through this dirt

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