90. Baking it Down - Santa's Top 20 List of Gifts for Bakers


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🎅 Santa's Top 20 Gifts for Bakers

🎅🤶 Call the twin Mr. and Mrs. Clause cause here's our hot take on the hottest gifts for the hottest oven-lovin' baker in your life (and if you are the baker in your life, forward this email to your Santa - I'll include links to make shoppin' and shippin' a breeze).

1️⃣ $70 - $180 - An Airbrush Machine

First up - an airbrush machine. 💨 There are many options, but the ones that twin2 is digging are the Sweet Pink Olive airbrush ($160), the Cookie Countess Airbrushes - the original model ($125), and the newer model - the Royale Max ($179.95).

2️⃣ $800 - $900 - iPad + Apple Pencil + Procreate

Not for the faint of budget - an iPad with Procreate and an Apple Pencil makes for the ultimate gift for the sketch-artist-turned-baker. If you want Heather's rec - shoot for the iPad Pro model 11'' (there are some variants and refurbed options that should trim the price down a bit) 🖋 and the Apple Pencil second gen ($129) (not to be confused with the Pencil first gen) + a Procreate app purchase ($10 - one time).

3️⃣ $124 - $173 - Americolor Corp's Gel Paste Kits

Corrie swears by these - and I, frankly, love the name. The Americolor gels are a fan favorite - and their kits allow a baker to create just about every color under the sun (or oven light??). ️🎨 Their Heavenly 70 ($173) or their Nifty 50 ($124) are going to make any baker squeal like a kid on Christmas morn, and if you're on a budget - the 12 Color Student Kit doesn't break the bank at just $28.

4️⃣ $100 - $200 - 3D Printer - Ender3 Pro V2

Takin' cutter production in-house is a great way to save time, money, and open a world of possibilities to the creative process for the cookier in your life. 🖨 I'm going to recommend the cheaper Ender 3Pro ($189) but the Prusa Mini ($429) is self-leveling (and will likely pay for itself with the money you save not buying Advil).

5️⃣ $20 - $25 - Cutter of the Month Club Subscription

For the baker you just don't know what to buy for - let the cutter shops do the pickin' and choosin' with a Cutter of the Month Club. 📦 These subscriptions send the baker in your kitchen a set of cookie cutters every month for as long as the subscription is active - and they're already preppin' for Valentine's Day! Two Corrie is diggin' is the SheyB Designs ($25) and JH Cookie Co. ($25) subscription boxes.

6️⃣ $99/yr - YNAB - You Need a Budget

Boring, I know. But listen - there's actually two ways to make money - 🤑 either sell more or spend less - and with YNAB's budgeting app ($99/yr or $14.99/mo), you can know when and where your money's going - perfect for the baker who is looking to streamline costs in 2023. This is Heather's pick for the financial fanatic this holiday season (bonus - new family plans are included in that price! the whole fam can saaave).

7️⃣ $112 - $172 - Canvas Lamps

Okay - if you're thinkin' about jumpin' into the wild world of Reels in 2023, come prepared and in style with one of the prettiest desktop lamp / phone stands this side of... well, the North Pole. 💡 Canvas's Lamps ($112 - $172) are beautiful desktop light rings with a built-in phone holder (some say it can even hold a projector - but we've not yet tested that). Two thumbs and one tripod up for this one.

8️⃣ $119 - Canva Pro Membership

Uh - yikes. Totally misquoted this price on the podcast - but the Canva graphic design software's Pro plan is still worth the steeper-than-quoted price point ($119/year paid annually). 🖼 This software packs a punch when it comes to all things graphics - social media, presentations, printables, and more.

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