Episode 179 - Find Passion, Push Harder


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  • High Performing teams are not a secret, but we often fail to observe and apply the right principles
  • Making people flow with productivity is easy to say, easy to teach, but hard to do
  • WE fail to connect with the individual values; without this, team dynamics and agile processes won't help
  • Championship teams have the right individuals with the right reasons, motivations, training and mindset
  • In big-box agile, you get what you get, which can be the single most important blocker to high performance
  • When you connect with people's passions you can get them to push harder and stretch.
  • This can seem taboo - but its only when we push people on things that they don't care about, that we stress and burn them out.
  • When there's no payoff, there's no performance
  • Performance doesn't always mean more hours in a day. It's about the energy and passion you bring to your work
  • Ask questions to help create connections with people and THEIR passions
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