Seth Wickersham's deep dive to NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith, Pride of UMaryland WR Torrey Smith #HeATerp on Legacy & Locksley


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ESPN investigative journalist Seth Wickersham joins #BadSignal just days after his DeMaurice Smith editorial further explain the stark contrast and duality our NFLPA's president has held over the last 12 (rather tumultuous) years. (04:56) De's power and how he chooses to employ it, (06:39) Loyalty lines, (07:45) "Owls and Chickens" and NFL players leverage over owners. Then we slide into #Patriots preview of his new Belichick-Brady book "Its Better to be Feared" publishing this fall (14:58), reflecting on last St. Patty's Day as Brady's departure (17:24) what was the real succession plan? Who's personality is more complex: Bill or Tom? (22:14), and a burning question about Belichick's 'failing' coaching tree (26:45). Calling ALL TERPS 🐢 Torrey Smith's in the house! Future is bright in College Park, MD (35:21) thanks to HC Mike Locksley, recruitment factor, (38:29) almost becoming the WR's coach at Maryland, memories of Nat'l Signing Day (48:34), the Legend of Jordan Steffy (55:45), Carson Wentz Deshaun Watson JJ Watt, and Benjamin Franklin healing all wounds.

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