The Cast and Creative Team of THE SIXTH REEL


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I am so happy to be joined for today’s episode by the cast and crew of the new film THE SIXTH REEL: co-writer, co-director, and star Charles Busch, co-writer and co-director Carl Andress, and actor Doug Plaut. The movie premieres at OutFest in LA today, August 19th, and streams online through the 22nd. It is a fabulous movie which you can find tickets for here: But before you watch, listen to all the behind-the-scenes stories only on Backstage Babble. They talk about the rocky road to getting the movie produced, how the idea evolved from 2012 until now, ideas from other cast members, how they explain the positive response so far, the way they all got interested in classic movies, hidden easter eggs, Covid precautions, virtual casting, the editing process, and more. You can also find stories about cast members Margaret Cho, Julie Halston, Tim Daly, and Heather MacRae, plus Edie Adams and more!

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