#63-Celebrating 500 Episodes of BEHIND THE CURTAIN


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Today, I am honored to present to you the interview I did with Rob W. Schneider and Kevin David Thomas, hosts of the hit theater podcast Behind the Curtain (https://broadwaypodcastnetwork.com/podcast/behind-the-curtain/) to celebrate their amazing accomplishment of having over 500 episodes now available for listening. They are certainly masters in the field of podcasting, so I was a little intimidated to turn the tables on them, but it turned out to be a LOT of fun! Listen to the episode above or on their podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-crossover-backstage-babbles-charles-kirsch/id1080144159?i=1000524446082

And then go hear their interviews with Nathan Lane, Lainie Kazan, Matthew Broderick, Charles Strouse, Victor Garber, and so many other musical theater legends.

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