Back To The Future #51


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Following a bit of a break after our 50th show we are here again back to basics and Back To The Future. Bringing you a show full of new music and as ever representing the whole musical basket of drum and bass from Program to Soul:r and back.. As you would expect. As we head into our next 50 shows, we are going to be adding a whole new set of mixes to our podcast series. After the success of the Ivy Lab and Rufige Kru mixes we will be adding to this collectable series (a new one will be up before the end of the year) we will also be covering the history of this music we love.. Starting with a mix that covers 1986-92. Watch this space and coming to a podcast near you soon.. All the usual beats and bass tonight with special classic from some of my footy friends.. First up though, Openers; 1. Philth – Mammoth (Flexout) 2. DLR – Thinking About Tomorrow (Dispatch) Evolve; 3. Enei ft. Charli Brix - Homeworld (Break remix) (Critical) 4. Ed:it - Babylon Step (Shogun) 5. Need For Mirrors & Concord Dawn - Metallic (BluMarTen Music) 6. Beta 2 - Speckled Dots (Metalheadz Platinum) 7. Phase - A Different Space (Warm Communications) 8. Fre4knc - Tradecraft (Invisible) 9. Need For Mirrors - Cozy (Full Cycle) 10. Bredren - Fierce (Flexout) 11. Enei ft. Charli Brix - Just One Look (Signal remix) (Critical) 12. Ed:it - Heaven Sent You (Shogun) 13. Fierce & Zero T - In Circles (Metalheadz) 14. Ed:it - Isolution (Shogun) 15. Arkaik - No Playing (Dispatch) 16. Noisia - Motion Blur (Vision) 17. Bredren & MC Swift - The Legion (Flexout) 18. Enei - Iron Curtain (Fre4knc remix) (Critical) Dave Smith’s Classic; 19. Hidden Agenda – The Flute Tune (Metalheadz) Shouts; 20. Impish & Meta – Keep warm (Occulti) d mix; 21. Enei – Vertigo (Current Value remix) (Critical) 22. >> Segment, Concept Vision & Signal – Barrier (Major League dnb) 23. Optiv & BTK – Inception (Gydra remix) (Dutty Audio) 24. Invadhertz – Click (Mindtech) 25. Meth & Raiden – Knock (Deception Recordings) 26. Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Phantom Audio) 27. Slang Banger – Roller Express (Program) 28. Optical – To Shape The Future (remix) (Metalheadz) 29. >> Meth & Raiden – Mind The Gap (Deception Recordings) 30. Q Project – Champion Sound (DLR 2016 remix) (C.I.A) 31. Jade – What You Are (Break remix) (Citrus) 32. Command Strange – Can’t Stop (V) 33. Total Science & DLR – On The Edge (Dispatch) 34. dBridge & Skeptical – No Discipline (Exit) 35. A Sides – Tokiado Revision (Eastside) 36. LSB ft. DRS & Tyler Daley – Missing You) (Soul: r) 37. Break – Emeralds (Shogun Audio) 38. dBridge & Alix Perez – Through My Eyes (Exit) Closers; 39. Dom & Roland – Natural Selcetion (Dom & Roland Productions) 40. SCAR – Fractions (Metalheadz)

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