Back To The Future #81 - The Eruption Sessions


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Into October we go, as the seasons change there’s always one constant. Drum and bass, absolute quality Drum and Bass. As if to prove my point we step into podcast 81, you know, the one after MC Fokus destroyed the studio. Thanks again to everyone who’s listened to 80, we’ve had some lovely feedback. This month bringing you new music from 1985, Critical, Metalheadz, Flexout, Symmetry and more Dispatch than you could through an Ant at. The usual rules apply an intro, somes mixes, a 3From and a 94 classic for a last one. No time to waste… let's do this Enjoy / Share / just get on with it. Intro Alix Perez - Trinity (Skeptical remix) (1985) Trex - Roller (Emcee) Cauzer - Groundwork (Critical) In the mix 1 Alix Perez - Empty Words (1985) Sustance - Virtue (Shogun) SCAR - It’s Not Too Late (Metalheadz) Arkaik & Coma ft. Ray Uptown - Mind Games (Flexout) Black Barrell & MC Fokus - Nothing New (Dispatch) Skeptical & MC Fokus - Fluctuate (Dispatch) Philth & Wreckless - Pullit (Flexout) Break - Minimus (Symmetry) Molecular & Gusto - Nothing is Everlasting (Sofa Sound) DLR & Black Barrel - Hassle Free (Sofa Sound) Objectiv & Molecular - Crocs with Socks (Molecular remix) (Bowlcut Beats) Ill Truth & Defex ft. Bluejay - Uppin’ the ante (Sofa Sound) >> Ill Truth - Jacked (Dub Pack) Myth - Sabotage VIP (ThirtyOne) 3From - Duskee Duskee, Disrupta & PAV4N - Radial Waves (Darkmode) Break, K Motionz & Duskee - Hack It (Break remix) (UKF) Operate, Degs & Duskee - Diamonds (Overview) In the mix 2 Voltage - Heaux Music (Critical) Black Barrel - 3 Million Dollars (Dispatch) Ill Truth - Badlands (DubPack) Voltage - Congo Bongo (Critical) Wreckless- As Memory Fades (Dispatch) Zero T - Drama (The North Quarter) Alix Perez ft. Liam Bailey - Moving On (Break remix) (1985) Black Barrel, Ivax & Astroum - Fortune (Dispatch) Break - Don't You Worry (Symmetry) Dvice One - Only you (Symmetry) Zero T - You’re The One (The North Quarter) Winslow - Mad Flavours (Soulvent) Zero T - This Condition (The North Quarter) Calibre - Bogeyman Bullshit (Soul:r) Foreign Concept - Champagne Nihilist (Critical) Break - Zodiak (Symmetry) Commix Ft. Steve Spacek - How You Gonna Feel (Metalheadz) Last One Goldie ft. Metalheadz - Inner City Life (Full Length Version) (FFrr)

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