#45 - The 5 paths for the world economy, QANTAS Buyback, Takeover Targets (Nuix & Tyro), Beam Communications vs Apple


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Andrew, Matt and Kev talk through some good news including AI art and a woman who can smell Parkinson's, the US inflation print, QANTAS buying back stock, takeover targets (Nuix and Tyro Payments), the consequences of Apple's satellite messaging for Beam Communications, and Russell Napier's five ways to solve the debt problem.
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1:00 - Good News: AI generated art
4:04 - Good News: Woman can smell Parkinson's
6:51 - Good News: Developments in Ukraine
9:09 - US inflation print
13:11 - QANTAS (ASX: QAN) buying back stock
17:40 - Nuix Ltd (ASX: NXL)
21:36 - Tyro Payments Ltd (ASX: TYR)
25:48 - Apple's satellite messaging & Beam Communications Holdings Ltd (ASX: BCC)
30:13 - Russell Napier & the five ways to solve debt
31:52 - 1. Austerity
33:07 - 2. Grow your way out
37:09 - 3. Default on your debt
38:50 - 4. Hyperinflation
42:52 - Brazil's inflation solution
45:05 - 5. Financial Repression

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