#44 - RBA Rate Hike, Your Questions Answered - iCollege, Jayride, Bigtincan, & Etherstack, Russia cuts off the gas, is BeReal for real?


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Andrew, Matt and Kev talk through the RBA's rate hike, Russia shutting the Nord Stream pipeline, US & China decoupling, and the BeReal app. We answer your questions - iCollege, Jayride, Bigtincan, and Etherstack.

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1:18 - Good News: Nuclear Power Plant Saved

2:06 - Macro: RBA rates rise

8:48 - Macro: Russia shuts Nord Stream pipeline

17:38 - Macro: US & China decoupling

20:48 - BeReal - the most downloaded app

24:04 - iCollege Ltd (ASX: ICT)

32:43 - Jayride Group Ltd (ASX: JAY)

38:57 - Bigtincan Holdings Ltd (ASX: BTH)

48:38 - Etherstack PLC (ASX: ESK)

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