#40 - Anti-ESG Investing, Novatti, CBDC's & Crypto, Meme Stocks, & Amazon Prime vs Kogan


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Andrew, Matt and Claude talk through the Kardashians and social media algorithms, anti-ESG investing (Farm Pride Foods (ASX: FRM), Coal, and Tobacco), Novatti (ASX: NOV) and payment providers, Central Bank Digital Currency's and crypto, Amazon Prime vs Kogan (ASX: KGN), meme stocks, and the Adobe Digital Price Index.
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0:55 - Good News: HIV Cure

1:43 - Good News: Blood Donations

2:27 - Good News: Wildlife using underpasses

3:22 - Good News: Great Barrier Reef coral cover

4:38 - Kardashians, TikTok and the future of social media

10:27 - AI generated media

11:31 - Anti-ESG investing

11:47 - Anti-ESG Investing: Farm Pride Foods (ASX: FRM)

13:35 - Anti-ESG Investing: Coal

15:42 - Anti-ESG Investing: Tobacco

17:18 - Potential energy crisis

20:43 - An Anti-ESG Failure

25:43 - Novatti Group Ltd (ASX: NOV)

38:49 - Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

43:41 - Crypto and KYC Regulations

46:30 - Tulip mania, crypto and Bitcoin

50:18 - Amazon Prime vs Kogan (ASX: KGN)

52:46 - Meme Stocks

55:07 - Adobe Digital Price Index

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