212 - ft. Janet Driscoll Miller: Data-First Marketing: A Modern Approach to Data-Driven Business


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Welcome to another episode, B2B Marketing & More. I have a very special guest today: Janet Driscoll Miller. Janet is the author of Data-First Marketing. She is the President and CEO of Marketing Mojo, specializing in digital ads, SEO and analytics.

Today Janet shares data-first marketing tips, and how to put data at the beginning of what businesses need to do.

In this episode:
  • What is data-first marketing and how it is different from data-driven?
  • How can marketers become data-first focused?
  • How to create multiple personas?
  • Basic data-first marketing tips for marketing and sales
  • How to plan the process to track data during a marketing campaign?
  • How to assess the effectiveness of the data-first marketing effort?
  • Data-First marketing book templates.
  • What are some of the common mistakes encountered when harnessing the data?
  • How should marketers consolidate and analyze data in a holistic way?
Quotes from the episode:

"In data-first, we're talking about how you make sure that you have accurate reporting from the very beginning. That you're tracking everything correctly to understand how you're impacting those business goals throughout the lifecycle of a campaign."

"You want to make sure that everything is consistent. So come up with a plan for your organization to approach tagging and have a standard. And then, when you do that, that makes it a little bit easier to ensure that the tagging is done consistently across the whole organization"


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