#72: Michael Holzman - "Spies and Traitors"


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Who hasn't seen a spy movie that features a double agent who played their role so perfectly, even his best friends didn't know who he was working for? This is the real life story of how an MI6 agent played the role to a T.
Kim Philby was an MI6 agent during World War II, who took a young American, Jim Angleton, under his wing. Their friendship may have been real, but Philby's life was a sham.
Michael Holzman's book, "Spies and Traitors: Kim Philby, James Angleton and the Friendship and Betrayal That Would Shape MI6, the CIA and the Cold War," explains how Philby snookered the world's most storied intelligence services. and passed secrets to the Russians that endangered the colleagues he had worked with for so long. Angleton's own friend
Michael Holzman's page at Pegasus Books can be found at http://pegasusbooks.com/books/spies-and-traitors-9781643138077-hardcover
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