4 Steps to Break the Fight Cycle with Anne Nelson | Ep. 535


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Research shows that 69% of marital conflict is never resolved. We either sweep it under the rug, avoid the pain points, or get stuck in a cycle of conflict that may cause pain but not find resolution. Today Dr. Kim talks with special guest Anne Nelson, about the 4-stage process to break the fight cycle and heal your marriage from conflict. Anne is a Christian counselor who helps couples and individuals to find the fully thriving life God has for them.

Episode highlights include:

  • Why we get stuck in the conflict cycle and how to get out
  • Some reasons that counseling might not “work” and what to do if that happens to you
  • How to start recognizing and healing unaddressed issues affecting your marriage
  • Specific questions can we use to challenge our assumptions in marriage

We pray this episode is helpful to you and your marriage.

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