Episode 155 Saying goodbye to FOMO, by choosing true community


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It’s time for many of us to say goodbye to fears of missing out, and false ideas of what we think should be. We have been conditioned to believe that we can miss out or be unsafe by not adhering to standards which originate entirely outside of our own truth. We then can miss the clear signals coming from our own heart home because we have not been embodying ourselves.

When we feel uncomfortable or sad or worried we might be missing out, instead of fixating on what is wrong, noticing what it is that you are really telling yourself. Move forward from the stickiness of the emotional trap and observing the gift it is pointing you toward. What if the grass is actually greener under your own feet? Bringing yourself back to the knowing that, yes, Dorothy, the power was always there inside you. You were already home. Time to click your heels and embody your pure presence of love.

By releasing fomo, and choosing to opt out of what isn’t you—you choose to embody more of what is you. It is from that place you become resplendent with the beautiful nectar that feeds true community. There is no efforting there, there is no fixing yourself or others. What remains is simply the joy of being more of your highest frequency expression embodied here on this beloved Earth.

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