Episode 137, Your Sacred Self Care and joy as an act of resistance


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For many of us how the new consciousness is coming in is not what we “thought” it would look like, and yet it is exactly what we KNEW it would be. Because everything we thought was part of the lies, everything we (heart) knew is part of the truth.

Each day we can choose to release more of what was never us. You are the being in charge. Turning inward, tuning back into the truth of ourselves.

How do we practically move through this moment? How can we choose differently—staying in the body, staying present to our pure love presence, and choosing people, places and businesses that reflect our vision for the positive future of this Earth.

Releasing ancestral baton meditation https://www.artthatmoves.ca/meditations-and-audio-journey/

Find out more about Kaya Usher’s work https://kayausher.com/ and the work of Oracle Girl https://www.oraclegirl.org/.

Coming h(om)e to you.

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