Episode 130, Shifting into our Creator Being expression and releasing the need to “fix” ourselves


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This episode is an invitation to shift your perspective, or flip on its head, needing to fix ourselves from a place of depletion. It’s an invitation to become even more aware of what we are creating in each moment— to open our perspective—to inner-stand more of our own body temple from a power place of knowing we are our own genetic engineers.

It’s an invitation to open up to what beauty, or song wants to be sung through us in each moment, knowing we are fully worthy Creator Beings who are here to express. It's a reminder to trust the guidance system that we have within ourselves to create our own bespoke daily spiritual hygiene practice. Allowing our inner knowing to guide us to the resources that deeply support and nurture us, our sacred self care, and self love.

As Creators, we can look outside of ourselves for inspiration, while not giving away any of our powerful awakening experience to anyone else. We can create it in each moment, as we co-create the highest frequency container for the new consciousness.

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