Episode 126, Meghan Genge on Magic and how it is a part of you


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In this episode writer, mystic and animist Meghan Genge joins host Christine Pensa for a gently powerful conversation on opening to more magic in your life, and how that is in itself an act of sacred self care.

Meghan shared how there was a moment when she decided, she chose, to invite magic into her life. As she says; “Our power – and possibly the greatest power in the universe – is in our imagination; in our authentic expression.” Meghan’s journey and also her joy and expansion has lately been in her daily writing practice, which at the time of our taping was at well over 1000 days. She says she has embraced showing up as a daily practice, no matter what. Meghan says she feels that sometimes self care has been misrepresented as “letting yourself off—when sometimes self care is making yourself do.”

The practice doesn’t matter, it is about the deeper call. The conversation opened into some beautiful questions. Where do you find your magic? How do you open to that in your own life? How are you showing up for yourself? How can you move into yourself to find the doorways to the magic? Meghan shared some of her own experiences and how she has spiritually aligned herself to step into more of the magic in her own life. As she brilliantly said; “The more we approach it, the more it approaches you back.”

Find out more about Meghan and her beautiful work through her website at; http://www.meghangenge.com/

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